A better world

“I am because we are”,is a wisdom derived from the African Ubuntu.

And that’s the cornerstone of our approach to 'A better world' from a collective desire, one that starts from within and grows.   

If you try to improve everything for each and everyone around you (customers, employees, suppliers, environment and of course, the natural world), then things will also improve for you. A simple, durable philosophy of existence and development not dissimilar to karma.

We want to perform better than others across all areas. The highest performance, the cleanest practices, the best load options, the most pleasant working conditions. Think harder, work smarter ... it’s all possible!

This is essentially our ideal but you needn’t take our words alone. There are checks and balances to certify whether we’re as progressive as we claim to be. Our coveted ISO 26000 is an international standard for CSR. In 1999 we were the first transport company in the Netherlands with an ISO 14001 environmental certificate. And we’ve had the ISO 9001 quality certificate for years. TAPA, FSR and TSR have all been added as we strive to attain new standards.

But saving the planet needs to work with saving our customers time, trouble and money. Which is why our promise "better business practice starts with better performance," encapsulates this perfectly.

You can read more about this and other aspects of ‘Our deepest drives' in book form. Interested? Send an email to info@idealogistic.net to receive your free publication, we’re sure it’ll be moving quickly, just like the thousands of goods we transport daily across Europe.